Let us carry your heavy shopping bags

Dear Friend,

On behalf of everyone at 1shop.co.in, I would like to welcome you to 1shop.co.in and take this opportunity to explain "How we work" for you to understand us better.

First of all, unlike a normal online grocery shop which sells products from their own warehouse, 1shop.co.in is an online platform that works with your local grocery stores/supermarkets and gives them a chance to reach out and deliver better services to you. As a result, local shops are able to sell products to you through 1shop.co.in.

As we deal with many local shops, we list the products on MRP. We give our very best to keep the MRP's updated on all the products listed. However, if there are any variations, the MRP listed on the product that is delivered to you should be considered the final MRP. You won’t be charged anything more/less than what your local shop charges. So you don't have to worry of being charged more than your local shop's price if you buy online through 1shop.co.in. We are not charging any service fee on the purchases you made through us.

For example: Gold winner refined sunflower oil 1L is listed in 1shop.co.in at MRP Rs.95. If your local supermarket "XYZ" is selling it at a discounted price of Rs.90, and if your order is delivered by that "XYZ" supermarket, you will be charged exactly Rs.90 and not Rs.95.

It’s sometimes good to walk-in to a nearby supermarket with your kids and get few items yourself. However, you can avoid carrying heavy shopping bags by doing your monthly or half-monthly ration shopping through 1shop.co.in, and get some additional rewards/discounts on that.

Regarding our Referral bonus: Refer 1shop.co.in to a friend and earn 1% of your purchases and 1% of your friend's purchases as Referral Bonus Points. (1 Bonus Point = Rs. 1.00) Just inform your friend to use your "Mobile phone number" as the "Referral code" while they register, and start earning referral bonus points on every purchase by you and your friend. You can redeem your referral bonus points for gift vouchers or cash discounts.

1shop.co.in is committed to providing you with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. If for any reason you have questions or comments, we are delighted to hear from you. Call our service phone 09605059555 or send us email at 1shop@1shop.co.in.

Thanks again! We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Maneesh MK
Founder, 1shop.co.in

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